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TN Zunzanyika (TNZ) is an established firm of construction cost consultants and project managers committed to professional excellence and provision of value­-added quantity surveying and construction cost consultancy services to a broad spectrum of clients. We are based in Harare, Zimbabwe.


In addition to a wide range of services, our strategic targets include the following:

  • project management
  • feasibility study of projects.
  • tender adjudication.
  • program and risk-analysis establishment and co-ordination of client's request.
  • building survey and maintenance recommendations.
  • preliminary costing, planning and budget preparation.
  • value engineering, financial management and budget preparation.
  • contracting, tender procurement advice, bills of quantities.
  • co-ordination, management, final accounts and technical audits


In short TNZ has the capacity to manage a client's entire portfolio.



TN Zunzanyika Project Workflow


TN Zunzanyika Associates is a member of The Zimbabwe Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

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TN Zunzanyika Associates is a member of Association of South African Quantity Surveyors.

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  • the firm draws its expertise from the vast knowledge and experience attained through many years of practical service. The firm was established in 1997.
  • we work as an integral part of the design team to achieve the optimum design cost solution.
  • this is done by providing professional advice throughout the project commencing at feasibility stage, design phase through to completion of the project. Approximately 70% of construction cost is fixed when the footprint of a building is determined. It is vital, therefore, that the Quantity Surveyor is involved at this early stage to provide professional cost advice.
  • we ensure that the client is fully aware of all cost implications related to relevant decisions made at the design stage. This allows the client to choose where best to spend his/her budget which alternatives give best value for money.
  • the whole thrust of the firm's operations is to offer a proactive role in the provision of Quantity Surveying and Construction Cost Consultancy Services.
  • the firm is highly computerized and embraces both Apple Macintosh and Windows operating system which our team uses to execute complex projects. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us the flexibility to enhance among other tasks, the execution of the following services: Project management, Resource analysis, valuations of work progress, cost analysis, bills of quantity and final accounts












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